Chris Brown – Yeah 0x

Chris Brown
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сказитель Chris Brown

почерк R’n’B , Поп , Рэп

протяженность 03:45

размер 0.51 MB

битрейт 060 kbps

Yeah 0x
Up in the moment Can’t believe Your so beautiful Feels like I’m in a dream Baby let go Some where that you Been Before So take my hand and come with me Girl don’t feel out of place Cause I, I’m in love with this feeling now Hope that this will last a while We shall make it last a while Fill out a drink So do we Get more bottles Bring them to me Hold your glasses up People everywhere Now everybody put your hands in the air and say YEAH YEAH YEAH (Girl I wanna) YEAH YEAH YEAH (I wanna see you tonight) YEAH YEAH YEAH (Girl I gotta) YEAH YEAH YEAH (I wanna see you tonight) Oooooooo Let me see your hands Ooooooooo Tonight, tonight is the night All the pretty young thangs in the party Let me see your hands up And if tonight you don’t want to party tell them *BEEP* So DJ turn it loud And watch me turn it up Don’t worry about it were here to party so Jump jump jump jump Girl I want to I wanna see you tonight Girl I gotta I gotta see you tonight YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH Tonight is the night
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